Crisscross method for formula writing and structures

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9: Naming Acids

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Nomenclature. Writing and Naming Chemical Compounds. What’s a Compound? NOTES 1: Compounds and Their Formulas Using the Crisscross method: Formula Writing for Compounds. Tips for Success.

Before writing any formula, Identify the type of compound. Ionic Metal and a Nonmetal or PAI.

5: Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds

Please note that this text-only version, provided for ease of printing and reading, includes more than 40 pages and may take up to 10 minutes to print.

Lapping at the Peakby Ball-Nogues Studio, Stainless steel and paint.


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Another way to think about writing the correct formula is to utilize the crisscross method, shown below for sulfuric acid.

Formula: H 2 SO 4 Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): Crisscross approach to writing formula for. When expressing a chemical formula within a text line three different forms are used - Empirical formula, molecular formula and condensed formula.

Chemists also use structural formulas (drawings) to show a 2D representation of a 3D molecule.

Crisscross method Crisscross method for formula writing and structures
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